Brut 1er Cru

Tradition, Quality, Finesse: this cuvée is the perfect example of the know-how of the LHEUREUX PLEKHOFF House. Beyond the balanced blend of Pinots noirs and Chardonnay, our wine is also the marriage of wines from several years. This tradition is the source of its unmatched balanced character. A high-standard cuvée with complex aromas, you will discover in the glass its lovely strings of tiny bubbles, a sure sign of great maturity.


  • Pinots noirs 65 %
  • Chardonnay 35 %
  • Pinots meuniers -


Average age of vines 28 years
Soil Pure chalk covered with a thin layer of arable soil
Aspect Pale shiny gold
Aromas Honey, vanilla, briochebriochées.
Dosage Brut
Drink with Foie gras, white fish, conté cheese

réalisation : Netcreative